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Welcome to a girl and a pig!

Here you will find delicious organic, vegan, and gluten free recipes and sometimes a lifestyle post of something I experienced or found interesting and worthy of sharing.

A little bit about myself, my name is Michelle (Simmons) Welling, my day job is photography and working on film sets with my awesomely-creative husband, Shawn Welling. We live in Houston and basically have a zoo of pets… a Hyacinth Macaw, a Mini Pig, an English Golden Retriever, a HUGE bunny, a Beagle, and a White Lab, hence my attraction to eating a vegan diet.

And a little bit about Mr.Snorty, the pig, he is a micro mini pig that loves cuddling, eating salads and fruit, basking in the sun, and playing with all of our other animals. I thought to myself ... if I could get people to see how similar to a dog/cat he is and has the same sweet little soul just maybe I could help connect the dots and encourage tofu bacon :)

Besides my love of animals, I am lucky enough to have become informed and educated through various documentaries, articles, and friends on what exactly we are consuming and the effect it has on your health, the environment, and of course…the animals. I changed my mind overnight to become vegan and gluten free and my goal is to show and help people that want to do the same how it can be done, how it can be fun, and very tasty too!

I am not a nutritionist, a chef, or by any means an expert, but this is my discovery and maybe it can help you or inspire you!

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