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A Traveling GFVegan

This isn't rocket science, but as your either entering into being a gluten free vegan or you have been doing it awhile you know that traveling may hinder your ability to stay consistent with your diet, but as I learn through this journey I find that it is simple and anyone can do it. Here is a few examples of my latest trip I went on and how I went about eating...

I sat down at a restaurant with my group, looked at the menu and realized they only had tacos, fries, and burgers so instead of either getting something like fries- which obviously isn't the healthiest of meals ... I left the restaurant and found something I could eat. I found a Panda Express and saw they had rice and veggies. The fried rice had eggs in it, so I got white rice instead, and then I asked if there was butter on the veggies, they said 'no they're just steamed'. So I got the rice and veggies, met back with my friends at the restaurant, mixed it up, put some hot mustard on top and had a really tasty, fulfilling, nutritional meal.

My point is instead of just being either lazy or eating unhealthy there is always another option around the corner. It is an extra step and it may be a pain in the rear sometimes, but to me it is worth it, and Snorty agrees.

Next, we were driving to Windsor, Vermont for work, population approx 3,500, very small and not a lot of choices for food, so planning ahead and making sure I didn't go hungry without options we stopped at the biggest grocery store we passed on the way which happened to be a Walmart (which I was skeptical about) . I would be in the produce section the longest, but then to my surprise I found gluten free bread, vegan butter, coconut milk yogurt, almond and soy milk , gf blue corn chips, black bean burger, gf dairy free Amy's burritos and so on. So even in a town like West Lebanon, outside of Windsor, there ARE vegan/healthy options.

One night we had spaghetti squash boats for dinner with black beans, avocado, and broccoli. For breakfast we had toasted gluten free English muffins with peanut butter and jelly with some nuts.

Our wonderful chef, Barbara Miller (an amazing cook and food blogger in Vermont), while we were working on the film sets she prepared all vegan and gluten free for me and she doesn't usually cook or eat that way, but she did great and it was delicious! My favorite items were a homemade garden veggie chili, homemade rhubarb apple sauce, and homemade pickles and beets YUM. See a theme?... All homemade, the best! Check out her blog here BarbarasBistro!

After a successful two days of filming off we go back to the airport and plane ride home.

Another restaurant with burgers, seafood, etc... I saw they had sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette elsewhere on the menu, so on the wedge salad instead of bacon (sorry snorty sibling) , blue cheese, and ranch I asked for mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions with balsamic vinaigrette and it was great! I may have ordered a side of fries on the side too...they are gluten free though;) Use the menu like an ingredient list in a way and they will usually always accommodate you.

And as far as airport snacks go, most airports have nuts, apples, and bananas so either bring your own snack or get it there...and even if you want some Starbucks just get a coconut milk latte instead!

In conclusion, I wanted to explain the obstacles one can run into while traveling and eating this way. It takes self control and a little pre-planning, but it isn't difficult. People say they can't be vegan because of where they live and they don't have a Whole Foods nearby so it's impossible, well think again! You can do it anywhere, even if your traveling!

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