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Homemade Cashew Milk

You know what is great?? When you don't drink cows milk, you start drinking nut milks, therefore you get loads of variety for the perfect milk for any recipe. Whether your eating cereal, baking, using it in smoothies,Chia Puddings , or just drinking it by the glass you've got yet another dairy alternative that is oh so delicious! Cashews are high in vitamin E and rich in Magnesium and Zinc... so drink up!

Also, you know there is something to making your own milk, you feel wholesome and that your providing only the best to your body and your loved ones.


Photo by: Michelle Welling



Yields 1 Liter


•1 cup raw organic cashews

•4 cups filtered water (cold)

•2 dates

•2TBS honey or maple syrup

•splash of vanilla

1. Soak the almonds in water for approx. 6 hours or overnight

2. Rinse with clean water

3. Combine all ingredients into blender

4. Blend on high for about a minute or until creamy

5. With a cheesecloth, clean dishtowel, or nut bag strain into pitcher. Pour in slowly, small amounts, and squeeze the contents, you are literally milking the cow here, but not!

6. Enjoy!

Keep refrigerated and separation is normal so try to shake or whisk before serving. It will stay good for about a week :)

Photo by: Michelle Welling

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