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Hurricane Harvey and the Rescue of Mr.Snorty

Reporting from Houston after Hurricane Harvey : Mr. Snorty and I made it out safe, but it was a close one!

Hurricane Harvey took us all by surprise and had devastating effects on almost all Houstonians, my heart goes out to each and every person and I hope they find the strength to recover and rebuild their lives.

This blog will be about our journey with Harvey and all that came with it.

Day 1: I heard about the storm rolling in the day or so before landfall not thinking much of it... I then begin to research and I see all the hype surrounding Facebook and thought to myself "I should probably prepare just in case". So my friend, Claudia, and I venture out to 'storm prep' kind of thinking it was just the media over hyping things laughing as we went, a little adventure we were on. We quickly realized when we got to the gas station the lines and the frantic look on peoples faces then realizing most all stores were already out of oh. We called mulitpul stores and finally found water at Central Market so we hurried through the traffic and started stocking up on all things necessary.

Meanwhile, Shawn, my husband, is worried about whether or not there will be CrossFit, smh!

Day 2: The next day there was just some rain and more frantic people buying out the stores all over town. We got a few more items like a battery powered latern with a radio built-in, flashlights, lots of dog food, and paper plates, and again Shawn is stocking up on Five Hour Energy... priorities ;)

We brought home all 3 dogs (thinking we we're still maybe overthinking it) from our studio and left our Macaw, Bunny, and Snorty at the studio where they all have basement shelter and access to high ground on the deck, I thought for sure they were in the clear.

As we got into bed for the evening watching the news anticipating the arrival of Harvey we still didn't think to much of it, but had concern for the cities close to the action.

Day 3: After a night of some heavy rain we wake up to everything still pretty normal outside so we take the dogs back to the studio and think 'okay, well that wasn't so bad after all!' That night Shawn wasn't going to bring home all the dogs again and I begged him and said "we don't know whats going to happen, better safe than sorry", so he did. And THANK GOODNESS!

Juno without a care in the world...

Day 4: The next morning we wake up at our mid-rise on the 5th floor and look down to a sea of water surrounding our building. We are used to flooding being right on the Bayou, but the only problem was the tropical storm was supposed to hover for days continuing to dump rain on the already flooded areas.

View from our window : The first floor is already about 1.5 stories elevated

We are trapped at this point and going no where fast! The water has NEVER been at this level, even my 93 year old father-in-law that has lived in Houston his whole life said we wouldn't get water this high. At about 10:30AM I receive a text from my friend with a screenshot of a thread being posted about an URGENT alert on the app NEXTDOOR (great app by the way) about a stranded Pig in a yard that is being flooded higher and higher by the minute. Our neighbor also called saying she is going to try to save Snorty! There were tornado warnings every 20 minutes, heavy rain and wind and Shawn and I completely stranded with NO WAY to get over there, the panick attack kicking in full force.

The backyard where Snortys land was shrinking...

The green line is the top of our fence and water is inches from the deck/office

Chubby, the bunny, went to the deck where it was dry (smart little guy) and Snorty was being backed up to the fence with the water getting closer and closer to him. Snorty is very shy and timid, he is literally scared of his own shadow so strangers trying to get him was no easy task. After our neighbor tried we called Shawns brother, Judd, down the street to see if he could try, so him and my sister-in-law, Betsy, have one failed attempt and decide to get a crate and some food to try and catch him that way. After about an hour it worked and Snorty was rescued!!! Yayyyy! Not being able to know whats happening and be there to help was a horrible feeling, I was so helpless. As Snorty was trying to get away from his rescuers we did discover he knows how to swim:) I'd like to think worst case scenario he would have swam to the steps to get up on the deck if he wasn't rescued ... who knows.

Chubby and Snorty were in crates on top of desks and inside with towels, food, and water safe from the elements and I was relieved to say the least.

Sent by Lindsey checking on Snorty

Day 5:

Still trapped.

Tackling how to get our well-trained dogs to go potty on concrete in the parking garage because there is obviously no grass anywhere anymore... for Juno I dumped a pile of potting soil on our patio and it worked like a charm (beagles know best ;)), but Max and Ranger were very confused.

We were lucky enough to have power, but no running water and luckily I filled up the bath tubs 2 nights prior with extra water for flushing toilets and dog water!

Food was still abundant and delicious I made a big batch of a mixed vegetable soup (will blog recipe soon), had fresh salads, black bean burgers, and a little GF spaghetti too!

It was a waiting game at this point watching the water rise all the way up and into the first floor units feeling more and more like we are stranded on a ship out at sea.

I had a few people checking on Snorty and Chubby so that put me at ease, but still felt really bad that there were in the crates and probably scared and confused. I want to Thank Betsy and Lindsey for being so sweet and checking on them <3

Day 6:

Still trapped.

Cabin fever setting in. Wondering how long we will actually be stuck and starting to ration Shawns food and water intake, he wasn't conservative to say the least.

BIG yoga was offering a Facebook LIVE class so Shawn and I did that in our living room as we were killing time, it was a great stress reliever and felt good to do something!

The flooding was getting worse and worse in surrounding areas and especially as they were administering controlled releases of the dams. But at that point our water level had gone down a pretty significant amount.

Later that night around midnight after hearing about all the looters Shawn wanted to get to the studio so after assessing the conditions and having his friend, Dutch, on stand-by he decided to take the Jeep off the ship and out through about 6 feet of water. I didn't like the idea of this at all. He did it with ease and made it out and back in again bringing the animals to me! To have all my little fur babies with me felt so good!

Day 7:


We got out!

We came to the studio to discover the basement, with many valuables, was completely flooded and was about 2 feet from entering our office which woud've been devastating. Immediately started cleaning up the basement and doing everything we could to get back to normal.

Basement Behind our backyard @ studio ...Brenners on the Bayou Steakhouse

...A week later and we are still trying to get back to normal as is everyone in Houston. We know so many people lost their home and so much more and we feel very grateful, but also sad for our friends that don't have anything and have to start from square one. We are fortunate enough to live in a city where helping others and loving others in hard times comes naturally and together everyone will get through this and be stronger and it is a reminder to not take life for granted as it is much to precious!

Today: 9/5/17 Even on the 5th floor we have water damage through the walls and carpet.

Please continue to volunteer, help, and pray for Houstonians as it will take a lot of time to recover and rebuild <3

Photo credit: Fox News

THANK YOU to everyone that helped us we will be forever grateful!

Betsy Welling

Judd Welling

Dutch Christopher Lindeburg

Lindsey Sue

Our Neighbors

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